What the NT audience said

26th June 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since our performances at the National Theatre, so in case you missed it, here’s a little from some members of the audiences for those shows to whet your apetites in the run up to the next shows at Camp Bestival next month.

Amy Rowlands | National Theatre Audience Member
“I loved your performance last night outside the National Theatre – well done, especially considering the weather.  The mixture of all your talents, the fantastic set, and the bright, lively nature of the performance was really fabulous.  I had a really good night, and went home inspired to play! 🙂  I loved the music too – was told you don’t have a CD, so wondered if there are there any songs or albums you could suggest instead?  I remember really loving the song playing during the rain break…


All the best for your touring!  I feel really lucky to have been able to see you last night.  Thanks for a great performance.”


Eliza Stefaniak | National Theatre Audience Member
“I wanted to ask about your future performances of Rime,  I’ve seen Rime in London before in June and I loved it and I am looking for an opportunity to see it again.”

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