the music without : the love within (in development)


Combining acrobatics and dance to explore improvisation, inspiration and creativity. This project uses real-time responsive audio and visual elements to encourage improvisation and creativity in the performers and to reveal something of the process by which creativity and improvisation occur.


In order to achieve these aims we will be using state of the art real-time analysis of the performer’s movement and constructing a cybernetic model based on a non-linear dynamic, which reflects the improvisational process.  This model will interpret the performers’ data and map it into both the visual and aural domains.


The technological aspects of this piece are not purely tools for the performer to use.  Our models will become creative agents in and of themselves.  What we are proposing is not about using technology for technology’s sake; it is a means to an end – to explore the idea of improvisation but in a truly new way; a way that cannot be expressed by any other means.


the music without : the love within  was shortlisted for the prestigious M.A.D.E. (Mobility for Digital Artists in Europe) award and was developed in partnership with with Max Worgan and the Embodied Audio Visual Interaction Group at Goldsmiths, University of London Computing Department