Summerhall’s Edinburgh Festival Programme announced

30th May 2012


Summerhall’s hip new venue doubles its offering

By Tim Cornwell
Published on Wednesday 30 May 2012 00:22


THE New Jersey writer and performer Jillian Lauren scored a world best-seller with her book on life in a Brunei harem, Some Girls.


But she changed her subject matter from high-class prostitution to family life.

Her one-woman show Mother Tongue comes to at Summerhall, the new Edinburgh art centre established this year in the former Dick Vet building, this summer.

Regarded as the Fringe’s hippest new venue, Summerhall has doubled the number of shows this year to 53.

They range from eclectic physical theatre to art shows such as Remains to Be Seen by Carolee Schneeman, a feminist performance artist of 50 years standing known for smashing sexual taboos in the 1960s and 70s.

The line-up also includes 24, a Polish production running from 6am to 6am, that promises to tell 24 life stories in a single day.

The production 30 Days to Edinburgh features three performers walking from Chichester to the festival over a month.

The Hong Kong director Tang Shu-wing, who directed Titus Andronicus at London’s Globe Theatre this spring in a world-wide season of Shakespeare productions, is coming to Summerhall with Detention, an “acrobatic comedy” set in a classroom.

The Square Peg contemporary circus company are producing Rime, a circus show based on Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

More than two dozen art exhibitions at the venue include Phenotype Genotype, an overview of trends in 20th century art from surrealism to pop art in Summerhall’s first permanent gallery.

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