Square Peg Contemporary Circus

Winner of the 2012 IdeasTap Edinburgh Award
Winner of a 2012 Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award

Beauty and Wonder; You guys rock!- Emma Rice , Artistic Director, Kneehigh Theatre

Square Peg grew out of the success of the Roundhouse Circus Company, a Roundhouse Studios project with young people under the age of 26.  They are associate artists at the Roundhouse and Jacksons Lane, and since 2010, they have performed to thousands of people around the UK.

Rime premiered in 2012 at the Roundhouse before going on two national tours.  That year it won the prestigious IdeasTap Edinburgh Award and a Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award.  In 2014, it completed the biggest contemporary circus tour ever carried out in the UK.

“Rime” is a contemporary circus show devised and collectively made by Square Peg, based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. With thrilling acrobatics, song and story, Square Peg combine circus with theatre and dance – they use group acrobatics and human towers, Chinese poles, silks, and flips and tricks to tell this beautiful haunting tale.

It’s not often that your breath is literally taken away by a performance. But that was my experience of Rime (…) unexpectedly profound- Matthew Stadlen, Daily Telegraph

Square Peg are produced by Cirquit Productions Limited with support from the Arts Council England, Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane, The Hangar Arts Trust and Aircraft Circus, the University of East Anglia, Kiln Ideas ltd. and Throughline.

Rime is co-commissioned by the National Theatre.

For more information please visit wearesquare.co.uk, or for bookings and touring information, please get in touch.