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Communication Breakdown

2nd August 2012

Wow, what an unexpected day. Somewhere in amongst the many communications and umpteen exchanges of architects’ plans we seem to have developed a miscommunication about the ratings of the rigging points we need to be able to …

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Warm welcomes

31st July 2012

After driving the length of the country all the way from Dorset to Scotland, the Square Peg advance party (Tim, Aislinn and JD) have finally arrived in Edinburgh.

We were happy for the friendly welcome at Summerhall …

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Halcyon Days

26th July 2012

So here we are at Camp Bestival. With Will Ingham proudly affront his hard work.  After a day and a half in the bright sunshine, the rig is standing, the lights are hung and the side …

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More NTInsideOut Photographs

18th July 2012

After the disappointment of Winchester weather, here’s a reminder of what good weather looks like.

A great thank you to Chad Amadilo who came to see our last performance with the National Theatre in London on Saturday …

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What the NT audience said

26th June 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since our performances at the National Theatre, so in case you missed it, here’s a little from some members of the audiences for those shows to whet your apetites in the …

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Beautiful new NT photos

25th June

Thanks to Ludovic de Cognets, the National Theatre’s official InsideOut photographer for these lovely pictures of our performances over the last few days:…

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Rain stopped play… for a minute

19th June 2012

Saturday Night’s final performance of Rime at the National Theatre was watched by a huge audience despite the momentary pause for a bit of rain. But that didn’t stop the Pegs. After a few minutes thinking that …

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Saturday sun-day

17th June 2012

Thanks to Leah Combs for her fantastic pictures of our Saturday Matinée yesterday, for which we were lucky enough to enjoy beautiful sunshine! …


Rain Rain Go away

14th June 2012

After a week of crossed fingers and setting up in the rain, with the acrobats using every dry moment to get out onto the rig, the unthinkable happened… we had to cancel the dress rehearsal due to …


Pushing the boat out

13th June 2012

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind!
We had hoped to be able to rehearse on the rig and in the performance space all week, but because of the weather we”ve been hold up in …