Back on Track-ish… but…

3rd August 2012

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our scheduled preview due to lack of time caused by yesterday’s rigging difficulties.
Apologies if you’ve booked a ticket, but the box office will be only too happy to reallocate your tickets for any other performance you can get to.  If this has affected you, please give them a ring on: 0845 874 3001

But, after Yesterday’s stressful start, today was surprisingly smooth. The wonderful technicians from Scorpio Safety Systems arrived bang on time at 7am and by 11am, all the anchor resin was set and the bolts tested and certified!

Then the rig then went up more smoothly than expected, and I was very happy that all my calculations were correct as we built the rig in the tightest possible space.

After lunch we got down to rehearsing, reworking some parts of the show that didn’t quite work in Summerhall’s beautiful, but very particular Dissecting Room and acquainting ourselves with the echoey acoustics. At 8pm we finished, tired, but pleased to have recovered the lost time.

Once again, before I end this post, I’d like to apologise that we’ve had to cancel tonight’s preview, and I hope that if you’ve booked a ticket, you can find time to come another day.

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