After a wonderful long summer the tour comes to an end

28th August 2012

It’s been a long summer for Square Peg and Rime. There have been ups and downs and it’s been a lot of hard work, but now looking back over the last seven months it’s been fantastic!

The season’s last performance on Sunday at the Devizes International Street Festival was absolutely lovely, especially as the weather was on our side; the few days beforehand and the day after were all extremely wet, but the glorious sunshine dried out the ground for us and Rime went up without a hitch.

Here’s a little something from the festival organisers – Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts:


Square Peg’s show ‘Rime’ was an outstanding highlight of this year’s Devizes International Street Festival in August. Their meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of its preparation and performance and adoption of the highest production standards throughout had implied all along that we were in for something special but the show when it came was a stunner in every respect. Superb dance, song and acrobatics and a clever interpretation of an unlikely choice of theme. Our audience of hundreds stood in the dark and watched it spellbound and were still talking about it days later.


And lastly, it wouldn’t be right to end without saying a huge thank you to everyone who worked with and supported us along the way. This year would not have been possible without each and every one of you:

Adam Beaumont
Adrian Berry
Aislinn Mulligan
Alex Frith
Andrew Fletcher
Angus MacKechnie
Anna Batchelor
Bea Hankey
Becky Burchell
Beyhan Murphy
Christopher Foxon
Daisy Drury
Darryn Dela Soul
Dave Buxton
Dee McCourt
Emily Morgan
Farooq Chaudry
Flora Herberich
Huri Murphy
Indy Neogy
Jacob  Zwart
James Veitch
Jasha Lenkiewicz
Jo Evershed
Joel Leigh
Josephine Bamford
Judy  Grahn
Kate Hammer
Kate Hazel
Leila Jones
Leo Hedman
Lucy Francis
Marcus Davey
Mariko Montpetit
Maurycy Kowalsky
Michael Harris
Moira Campbell
Molly Burn
Nektarios Papodopolus
Nich Litton
Nikolaj Munk Nielson
Pete Staves
Quim Tourner
Ranjit Atwal
Rob Metsoja
Ross Adams
Rufus Norris
Sam Gannon
Shekoyokh  Klezmer  Ensemble
Simon Barfoot
Simon Pevers
Songul Gurbuz
Dr Sophia Collingwood
Tanya Auclair
Will Ingham


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