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The Tour Begins!

I’m eating a quiche, listening to the Beatles, and on the train to Liverpool. I love my job.

The Square Peg tour began in spectacular style just over a week ago, at the StAnza International Poetry Festival in beautiful St. …

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Dance, Circus, Tricks and choreography

From the beginning, I have had the luck to train, study and work with amazing people in the dance world.  Among them number Rudra (Bejart), The Place (London school of Contemporary Dance) and recently Lloyd Newson and DV8, and I

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The power of music

The power of music is incredible.  Especially in our Arctic-like rehearsal space, music provides that extra little bit of motivation just at the points where you’ve run low.  Like fuel…  Or a heater!

I’ve noticed two moments in particular that …

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3 high training

The 3 high is my favourite trick. I trained as an actor, so unlike the rest of Square Peg, I didn’t go to circus school. All the circus skills I have now I learnt through working with Tim, and the …

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6th August 2012

I regret to announce that we have had to cancel performances of Rime until further notice.

After the last two days’ success, today couldn’t have been any more unexpected. The cast were feeling positive, our audiences have …