Agility, Flexibility, Strength and Fitness

Build strength, technique, balance and confidence, develop a love of movement

gain toned, coordinated muscles in a safe, fun & non-competative environment

Learning and training

Tuesday evening Class

Starting in June 2019
Beginners and Intermediate levels welcome

Every Tuesday 7:30 – 9:30pm
£17  (£14 first session offer)

Fish Island Circus, 22 Smeed Rd, London E3 2NR

Learn the fundamentals of acrobatics. Handstands, Cartwheels, Backflips and much more. Progress to advanced moves and combinations developing an acrobatic body through functional movement and careful specific conditioning

This class builds strength, technique and flexibility. Starting with a conscientious, scientifically informed warm up designed to prepare the body and minimise injury and finishes off with conditioning and a stretch cool-down.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some acrobatic experience, this class will challenge you and improve your skills week on week.

1-2-1 & small group classes

Please get in touch to discuss details and prices

All equipment provided
Beginners Welcome

These individually tailored sessions are available in your home, garden or a local park. Specifically designed to help you both achieve and master the inversions, flips, fitness and flexibility you’ve always wanted.

Like a personal trainer, but using acrobatic methods and building towards dynamic bodyweight movements

If you’re struggling with headstands or handstands; balances and flexibility and feel that you’d benefit from some focused attention and teaching this could be just the thing.

Use circus techniques to
Supercharge your yoga


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Workshops, collaborations
and masterclasses

Tim Lenkiewicz
Teacher Profile




Tim is an accomplished and experienced teacher and director. For eighteen years, Circus has led him around the world and back again. As well as giving countless performances, he trained at London’s National Centre for Circus Arts, and the Kiev State College for Circus and Variety arts under the watchful eye of Anatoli Tischler, former head of the Soviet Union Sports Acrobatic Association and Juriy Tischler, five times Sports Acrobatics World Champion gold medallist. He was head of balancing disciplines at Chapitô, the Portuguese professional circus school in Lisbon, and set up the young people’s circus programme at the Roundhouse before founding the Roundhouse Circus Company and the award-winning Square Peg Contemporary Circus. He has a great passion for teaching loves helping people overcome their barriers to achieve beyond their expectations.



Featured previous workshop

Nine Minutes in Four Days

This was a collaborative workshop with Jorge Crecis looking at different ways of combining our work, and learning about each other’s methodologies. The sixteen participants gained insight into both our approaches to training and creativity, and left with a variety of useful tools they can use to continue their own explorations combining dance, choreography and acrobatics beyond the end of the workshop.

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Featured previous Project

Square Peg Contemporary Circus

Square Peg grew from a diverse and committed group of Tim’s students in 2009. Under his direction they went on to perform their epic and beautiful shows at theatres and festivals all around the UK for five years. The company combined highly skilled circus with theatre and dance to create beautiful, innovative adaptations of classic stories. This video show some footage from the first week of their rehearsals for Rime an award winning adaptation of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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Student Testimonials

People’s thoughts on training with me

When I first met Tim I could do a forward roll and that was about it. Within a year of working with him twice a week I was walking on my hands, throwing and catching people, becoming a base for acro-balance, and ultimately leading to basing a 3 high human tower. The moment I did my first hand spring, aged 31, is a moment I will remember my whole life.

Tim is a kind, methodical and knowledgable coach. He has experienced so much in his life of circus performing and directing and brings it all to you when you work together.

Tomos James

I reached out to Tim for private lessons at home for my first forays on my handstand canes – I wanted someone big and strong, who I could trust to save me if I were to fall, and Tim fit the bill but he had lots more to offer!

For example, he saw that I was fearful of my canes, so had me practice basic technique on blocks, a good intermediate step between floor and canes. I had a slight niggle on my right wrist, and he taught me how to tilt my handstand blocks so they sloped downwards, lessening the pressure on the wrists! Genius.
He taught me ways to frame my handstand journey to look for small wins so that I’d be less affected by drawbacks and plateaus, lessening my handstand neuroticism.
Tim is really patient and encouraging, friendly and fair
Jennifer Lee
This workshop was the opportunity of learning and mixing acrobatic skills with dance in a very personal way through body sensations and the concept of being fully present in the moment. It gave me the chance of working on achieving new goals every day and finding strategies to push myself always beyond my limits recognizing failure as a part of the journey and doing everything with no regrets. Romina Langone
Romina Langone
Participant – Nine Minutes in Four Days

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